Book Club Sets

Book Club Sets are available for checkout for book discussion groups. Our Book Club Sets cover a wide variety of topics and genres for both adult and youth titles.  Each set contains 10 copies of the book and discussion questions, all in a clear tote bag for convenience. The set checks out for 5 weeks and cannot be renewed.

To view the full list of available sets, use the “Advanced Search” function on the online catalog and narrow the search by “Location” + “Book Club Sets.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I borrow a book club set?

Book Club Sets are borrowed with your library card in the same way you would borrow a book or movie.

How do I return a book club set?

Book Club Sets should be returned inside the library at the front desk, not through the book return. The entire set should be returned (10 books + tote bag).

Can I reserve a book club set in advance?

Book Club Sets may be reserved in advance by logging into your account on the online catalog. Or, contact the library for reservation assistance at or 515-981-0217.

How long can my book club keep the books?

The loan period for book club sets is 5 weeks. Ask a librarian at checkout time if an extension may be needed.

Can book club sets be renewed?

Book Club Sets cannot be renewed.

Who is responsible for returning books in a book club set?

The person who checked out the set is responsible for ensuring the entire set is returned.

If a book is damaged and/or lost from a set, what do I do?

If a book is damaged and/or lost from a set, the borrower is responsible for replacing any lost or damaged book(s) and notifying our library in the event that this occurs.

For more information or questions, please contact us at 515-981-0217 or