Notary Public Services

A notary is available during most weekday hours and some evenings and weekends, free of charge. 

Notary service can be scheduled in advance to guarantee a notary will be available. Walk-ins for evenings/weekends will be accepted pending the availability of our notaries. Please see below for our notary guidelines or contact the notaries for a specific question at

Notarization Defined

Notarization is the “act of witnessing” by the notary public in accordance with specifications of state law. Notarization involves signing documents requiring a signature or signatures before a disinterested party (the notary) who can attest to the authenticity of the signature(s) and the individual’s willingness to sign.

Notary Guidelines

Before coming to the library for a notarization, please:

  • Call or email to ensure a notary is available.
  • Bring a current photo ID that includes a signature for all document signers, including witnesses.
  • Complete all documents EXCEPT for the signature and date fields. Signers MUST sign the document in front of the notary.
  • Bring disinterested witnesses (people who have no stake in the outcome of the document) if the document requires witness signatures in addition to the notary. Library staff will not be taken off the job to be witnesses. 

For more information, view the Notarial Guidelines or call at 515-981-0217.

Book a notary appointment with any of the following staff members: