Test Proctor Services

In order to meet the needs of library customers, the Norwalk Easter Public Library will serve as a proctor for patrons and their educational institutions. The service is based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology to do so.

Responsibilities of the Student

The student is responsible for scheduling a time to take the exam, including calling the library to make sure the test has arrived either electronically or via mail. The exam must be complete no less than 30 minutes before the closing of the library.

The student will be required to arrange for the exam and instructions to be sent to the library.

The student will provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID for verification of identity or the test cannot be given.

The student will arrive prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam. If necessary, these supplies must be approved by the proctor.

The student is responsible for the return postage and envelope for any exam which does not include a self-addressed stamped envelope. If it is required to FAX to the institution, the student is responsible for faxing fees set by the library.

If being mailed, the library staff will mail the test as soon as possible. If it cannot make that day’s mail, then it will be mailed the next business day.

For more information, review our Exam Proctoring Policy or contact us at 515-981-0217 or libraryhelp@norwalk.iowa.gov.