Norwalk Easter Library Receives Accreditation from the State Library of Iowa

The State Library of Iowa has announced that the Norwalk Easter Public Library has met the conditions for state re-accreditation. Achieving accreditation requires a significant, ongoing local commitment to high quality library services.  

The Norwalk Easter Public Library has been recognized for its efforts in all areas of library operations including governance and funding, staffing, library collection, services, public relations, access, and facilities. Library Director Jean Bosch commends the staff for providing years of high quality services, collections, and programming. 

The library achieved a Tier 3 accreditation level which is the highest level.  Nearly all of the 85 standards of accreditation outlined in the State Library’s “In Service to Iowa: Public Library Standards, 6th edition” were met. The accreditation is valid through June 30, 2023.  Accredited libraries receive a higher rate of compensation annually through the State Library’s Enrich Iowa program.

Of Iowa’s 542 public libraries, 377 – including Norwalk’s – are accredited. Iowa’s accredited public libraries are recognized for being responsive to their communities and for exhibiting excellence in their provision of library services. More than two-thirds of all Iowans have active public library cards. Iowa libraries play key roles in workforce and economic development, lifelong learning and e-government activities.  Iowans use their libraries to find jobs, do homework, locate a good book to read, research medical conditions, access government information, and more.

For more information on the State Library’s accreditation program, and to view the Public Library Standards, go to

About the Norwalk Easter Public Library

The Norwalk Easter Public Library’s mission is to provide exceptional service, foster community connections, value innovation, and encourage discovery. More information can be found at the library’s website at .

About the State Library of Iowa The State Library of Iowa actively champions libraries. Their two roles are improving library services in Iowa and delivering specialized information services to state government and to Iowans.